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How To Identify And Maintain Crazy Horse Leather Bag?

Crazy horse leather is head layer cowhide, is short for a leather craft, belong to the high-end leather, its surface is disorder, have a straightforward style restoring ancient ways. It will gradually present the effect of glossy, feel better, stronger temperament of restoring ancient ways, be used after a period of time.

Test method: oily, with a hard object or a fingernail scratching, there are obvious signs, push the skin will produce color effects.

1, Visual identification method: from leather patterns, pores and other aspects to identify, on the surface of leather can see clear pattern, pore, and uneven distribution

2, Hand identification method: touch the leather, it is elastic, plump, and when the leather face down bent about 90 degrees, it will appear naturally folds.

3, Odor identification method: leather with a very strong taste of fur.

4, Combustion identification method: the smell of burnt flavour and see the ash state, when leather be burnt, it will produces a burning hair smell, and the ashes of generally easy to break into powder.

一、 daily maintenance
1. Please using a soft cotton cloth and leather wax to clean the leather, so as not to damage leather, leather goods don't directly in the water to clean.

2. Avoid prolonged exposure leather、 the rain;

3. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances , corrosive substances, oil;

4. Avoid direct contact with sharp and hard objects or friction;

5. To prevent overweight or excessive loading;

6. When the leather be affected with damp, immediately air-dried or dried with a warm wind;

7. When the leather to make long-term collection, should be placed moisture agent inside the leather,  and with a plastic bag sealed and stored in a cool place;

二、How to deal with the leather were soaked or get wet
1、With some newspapers prop leather according to its original shape. Ventilated place to dry, wipe the leather with leather oil; can not close to high temperature, avoid fire drying or exposure.

2、Leather surface scratches treatment: rub leather oil, natural air-dry. Covering the surface with a dry cloth, heated with a hair dryer for 30-60 seconds, after repeated friction with a dry cloth.  

3、How to clean moldy leather: with a soft and dry cloth to wipe clean the moldy part, then wipe with evenly leather oil. Must not be rubbed with water and gasoline, the water can make leather harden, gasoline can make leather oil volatile and dry.

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